Like you have…

December 27, 2006

I was reading a blog here on wordpress that expressed concern over college students putting off research to blog or play video games and I see that I am not much different. I want to succeed like you have online, offline and in the invesment world and now feel I need to put things that matter least on the back burner for now (maybe forever;-) I have finished the front page with MMG their service is exceptional! Here is the link for that page The Thank You page is next.  Your reasearch team has given me several possibilities for the products we will be using on the site. Please thank them for the hard work of narrowing the field for me. I like the Quadrant idea! I will wrap my brain around that and get back with you.  The software you are giving me for marketing how will it work and tell me more about it and the programmer.  You have my attention on this one.  Thanks for everything you are doing!



I Remembered…

December 23, 2006

First I remembered that you enjoyed the “Rich Dad Poor Dad” books and tapes from Robert Kiyosaki so I registered the domain as and I hope you like my tribute to you! Yes, the BLOG is done and myspace account is up. Tell me again where you learned all this stuff? Traffic, email, list building and affiliate marketing along with all the other stuff you have been telling me for the past few months when I came to you for help to build an online network. And to look at the stats you just left me in my BLOG I am totally blown away by the number of millioniares now and the projections into the future. Did I hear you say the Paul Zane Pilzer was an economist for 2 presidents? Keep me inspired (as you always have) to achieve my Goals and Dreams and I agree it will take time and effort but be worth it as the network builds and becomes stronger. The most important thing to me is the people in the network that we can help build wealth and health. Yes I want to be a millionaire and I hope my williness matches your enthuiasm for this project we are putting together. Thanks and let Mom know I Love her!

Investing in Positive Thinking

December 21, 2006

Investing in Positive Thinking–Will positive thinking get you anything you want, well the answer to that is no, However what will positive thinking get you? It will get you more than negative thinking will get you! When facing any obstacle Frame a positive question to yourself like “ how can I overcome this obstacle and have fun at the same time! It doesn’t matter what the day brings what matters is what you and I bring to the day!

Use 10 questions for your positive self talk and improve your frame of mind!